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'Unstaged' pop up gallery


With the philosophy that art should not always be hidden away from the public in galleries to be viewed by an elite few, Adam Robert Young will be comandeering the wall of a construction site on Melbourne Street for one day in December to display selected images from his 'Unstaged' series. 

The works explore the theatre of Brisbane's streets and the characters that strut and fret their hour upon the stage of Brisbane's central business district.  These fleeting moments of unknown individuals' unique dramas that play out in Brisbane's urban areas will be reinserted back into the public space in Young's first experiment in utilising urban spaces to present scenes created in nearby parts of the city.   


Mock-up of the upcoming pop up public gallery featuring Adam Robert Young's photography

When: December 12, 2015 from dawn to dusk
(There will be an artist's Q&A session 4-5pm)

Where: 109 Melbourne Street, South Brisbane
(Just around the corner from QAGOMA and the Performing Arts Centre)

For more information, feel free to send a message via the 'Contact' page above

This exhibition will run for one day only, so mark it on your calendar to be sure you don't miss it!

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