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Do you find yourself excited to take a photo, only to find the resulting shot disappointing?

Do you want to learn what all those functions on your camera do, and how to use them to take amazing images?


Would you like to learn how to use image editing software like Lightroom and Photoshop to take your photos from good to spectacular?

Maybe you would like to take your photography to the next level by learning how to use lighting such as off-camera flash or multiple strobes to add drama and mood to your photographs?


Whatever you need to lift your photography to the next level and beyond, there's a program just for you!

Drop me a line via my contact page and I'll create a package tailor-made to your specific needs.  With a strong background in both photography and education, I'm yet to meet a student that does not see a drastic improvement in their understanding and mastery of photographic approaches, ability to see light and know how to control their camera to make the most of it.  I will also help you to see more creatively to come up with unique images that will wow your friends and family, and who knows, it may even lead to you being able to make a career out of photography!


I can guarantee with full assurance that you will feel much more confident!  My students can't wait to get out and apply the new ideas they gain, and I love seeing the improvement in both expression and technique that is obvious in the resulting photos.  You'll be amazed at the difference!


Here's what Mark - one satisfied student - said after attending a tour that combined visiting some authentic locations around Saigon with photographic tuition:


“…Adam’s experience living in Ho Chi Minh city as well as his technical and artistic expertise made the day more than a tour of interesting sites. His detailed, friendly and patient suggestions helped me take advantage of the great places we stopped at on the tour. Adam tailored the tour so that I was always in interesting and unusual places were great photo opportunities appeared away from the usual tourist spots. After we finished the first day, I couldn’t wait for the next. Adam’s skill as a photo editor also helped me greatly. He took time to critique my photos and suggest ways to improve the quality and composition.”



Bonus!  If you want to learn with friends, you'll recieve a drop in the tuition fee for each one!  More fun and at a lower price!  Learning in a group, you can bounce ideas off each other and enjoy a social atmosphere during the course.

Or perhaps you want that extra attention that learning one-on-one allows?


The choice is yours.  Drop me a line right now and we'll get started on transforming how you see and create photos today!  I look forward to hearing from you!


Adam Robert Young 



Take your photography to the next level!

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