Operation Unchain

In early 2016, Adam Robert Young joined Doctor Ang Sody, a psychiatrist with Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation (TPO) Cambodia as she visited patients that were part of TPO's "Operation Unchain" project.  Faced with a severe shortage of mental health services, particularly in rural areas, sufferers of severe mental illness in Cambodia are often tied, chained, or locked up by their families, who simply don't know how else to keep them safe and to prevent them from harming others.  Operation Unchain aims to provide free diagnosis, medication and therapy, as well as raising awareness in communities and building mental health services so that these people can eventually be released from their bondage.  To date, twelve people have been released from chains thanks to TPO's work.

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Just two months ago, At could not be safely approached. She did not recognise her family and refused to wear clothes. Now her mother dresses her and they are once again becoming more able to communicate. It is hoped At will be released from her rope soon as medication and therapy provided by TPO helps her overcome her psychosis.