Conservation of Angkor

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed site of Angkor spreads over an area exceeding 400 square kilometres and is a symbol of Cambodia.  With a history of predominantly foreign conservation experts working to preserve the site, the APSARA Authority - the government body responsible for the management and maintenance of the historic site - is currently working with foreign NGOs and universities to train up local Cambodians with the aim of responsibility for Angkor's future being handed back to local Cambodians.  I was fortunate to get a glimpse into early stages of the passing of the torch back to the Khmer people.

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A half-finished piece of sandstone awaits completion before being placed into a broken balustrade in Angkor's Banteay Samre temple, 21 January 2016. Members of APSARA's Stone Conservation Unit choose sandstone that is a slightly different colour from the original pieces so that visitors can differentiate between the original features and the new parts that fill the gaps where the original pieces could not be located.