Conservation of Angkor

The UNESCO World Heritage-listed site of Angkor spreads over an area exceeding 400 square kilometres and is a symbol of Cambodia.  With a history of predominantly foreign conservation experts working to preserve the site, the APSARA Authority - the government body responsible for the management and maintenance of the historic site - is currently working with foreign NGOs and universities to train up local Cambodians with the aim of responsibility for Angkor's future being handed back to local Cambodians.  I was fortunate to get a glimpse into early stages of the passing of the torch back to the Khmer people.

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Cambodian workers build scaffolding around one of the north-western towers in the Angkor Wat complex just north of Siem Reap, January 21 2016. The APSARA Authority is currently working in cooperation with other Cambodian government departments, UNESCO and a range of international NGOs to conserve and restore the site which contains a wealth of artifacts from the height of the Khmer empire.